Essential Oils 2000


(renamed "Essential Oils Desk Reference")

Complied by Essential Science Publishing
"An extraordinary and long-awaited definitive work on the therapeutic value of essential oils. A book that raises the knowledge and understanding of essential oils to an entirely new level!"

Excerpt from "PDR" - Acknowledgements

"We wish to acknowledge D. Gary Young, N.D., for his tremendous contribution to the rebirth of essential oils in North America. One of the pioneers in researching, cultivating, and distilling essential oils in North America, he has spent decades conducting clinical research on the ability of essential oils to combat disease and improve health. He has also developed new methods of application from which thousands of people have benefited, especially his integration of essential oils with herbal supplements and personal care products. He is certainly one of the first, if not the first, to create these types of products.

Growing up as a farmer and rancher in Idaho, Gary has a passion for the land that has driven him to become one of the leading organic growers and distillers of essential oils in North America. With over 2,000 acres of land under cultivation in North America, he has set new standards for excellence that are redefining how therapeutic-grade essential oils are produced throughout the world.

Gary's roles as a grower, distiller, researcher, and alternative care practitioner, not only give him an unsurpassed insight into essential oils but also make him an ideal spokesperson and educator on therapeutic properties of essential oils. Few people have as comprehensive a knowledge as he does. Gary regularly travels throughout the world lecturing on the powerful potential of essential oils and what it takes to produce therapeutic-grade essential oils that can consistently deliver results.

Much of the material contained in the book is derived from his research, lectures, and workshops, as well as the work of other practitioners and physicians who are at the forefront of understanding the clinical potential of essential oils to treat disease. To these researchers, the publishers are deeply indebted."

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