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Essential oils are the life-giving resin found in all plant life that delivers the nutrients that produce strong and healthy plants very similar to the function of our blood. Essential oils may enhance oxygen uptake, absorption and utilization. The ancient Egyptians discovered that essential oils possessed valuable substances which produced many benefits for the body, mind and spirit. As you begin to use them, you are certain to discover why these oils were important to this ancient people. Pure oils are very concentrated, and a few drops can produce significant effects; so please begin slowly to properly determine your body's response.

The content provided here is meant for general educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for consultation with your physician or other healthcare professional. The materials presented are not intended as medical advice. If you have, or think you have, a medical problem or symptom, please consult a qualified physician.


When using natural products, only your body knows how it is going to respond. Essential oils are soluble with the lipids in the skin and in most cases easily penetrate it and are absorbed into the bloodstream. They may be worn like perfume or cologne and can be applied neat (full strength) or diluted using the V-6 Mixing Oil. As a rule, since essential oils are one of nature's most concentrated and potent extracts, dilution is strongly recommended for those who:

  • are applying them to SENSITIVE AREAS of the body
    (i.e., face, neck, etc.)
  • are trying a NEW OIL or BLEND OF OILS

If one oil is layered over another, allow enough time between applications to gauge the body's reaction before applying another oil.


Use 1-3 drops of an essential oil blended with 1/2 teaspoon V-6 Mixing Oil, which is formulated with Vitamin E and cold-pressed oil from sesame seeds, grape seeds, almonds, wheat germ, and sunflower seeds. Any other pure vegetable oil may also be used.

More or less dilution might be desirable, depending on skin sensitivity, type of oil used, and the degree of effect desired. Take a careful, measured approach when using any essential oil and adjust both the quantity of oil using any essential oil and adjust both the quantity of oil used and the amount of dilution in accordance with the body's response. CAUTION: If the skin becomes irritated or if oil gets into the eyes, immediately flush with V-6 Mixing Oil or any vegetable oil and call your health practitioner. MSDS regulations recommend flushing with water. However, through our experience, we have found that it is better to use vegetable oil to dilute an essential oil. You may use water, but this may cause considerable discomfort.


Many people have reported that when applying too many different oils or too much of one oil, the body may be subjected to a cleansing response, which can cause headaches, rashes, nausea, burning, diarrhea, etc. Should this occur, simply reduce the amount of oil used an the number of times applied and drink plenty of purified water. Ask your health practitioner to monitor any detoxification. You may even want to consider an internal cleansing program before continuing to use the oils.

Caution: If you have used liberal amounts of cosmetics, shampoos, perms, hair coloring, hair sprays, deodorants, or products containing chemicals, petrochemicals and many synthetic ingredients (watch out for sodium lauryl sulfate), you may have an unpleasant cleansing experience. When using pure essential oils, some people experience the release of stored toxins through the skin, especially on the face and neck area. For this reason, you should always start with 1-2 drops of oil diluted with 1/2-1 tsp. V-6 Mixing Oil. Rarely is there a problem, but it is best to be cautious until you see how your body responds.

Feet: Applying 4-6 drops of oil to the bottom of each foot is a popular way to begin. Oils may be rubbed on the VitaFlex points of the foot - a technique explained in Aromatherapy, the Essential Beginning by D. Gary Young. All oils can be applied neat to the feet. However, because so many people have chemical sensitivity, it is always best to dilute the first time.

On Location: After applying the oils to the bottoms of the feet, you may to go to location. Just add a few drops (1-5) of oil diluted with 1/2-1 tsp. V-6 Mixing Oil and rub over the area. If you are using the oils for the first time, wait at least 15-30 minutes before using a second oil, allowing the body time to respond. If you are accustomed to the oils, use them neat (undiluted) at your own discretion.

Layering: If using more than one oil, simply apply each oil separately, allowing enough time between each application to gauge the body's response. This was the method traditionally used by the ancient Egyptians.

Compress: Rub 1-3 drops over location (diluted or undiluted, depending on the oil) and cover with a hot, wet towel. Place a dry towel over the wet towel and leave for 10 to 60 minutes. As the oil penetrates, you may have a warm or slightly burning sensation. If any skin irritation becomes evident, rub V-6 Mixing Oil over the area. The burning should subside in several minutes. Discoloration of the cloth might appear due to the body's excretion of toxins.

Massage: A few drops (5-10) of an essential oil may also be added to any massage oil base as well as to the Young Living massage oils.

Bathing: When adding essential oils to bathwater, use the Bath Gel Base as a dispersing agent.


An aromatic diffuser is one of the simplest and most effective methods of dispersing essential oils into the air for inhalation. The Young Living diffuser consists of an oil well, nebulizer (glass tube) and air pump, designed to disperse the oils in a micro-fine mist into the air. Research shows that diffusing may help reduce bacteria, fungus, mold and unpleasant odors. It not only freshens the air with natural fragrance but also helps you relax and relieve tension, creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

It is best to begin by diffusing oils for only 15 to 30 minutes, especially if the user is unfamiliar with the oils. Diffusing time may be increased as the individual becomes accustomed to the oils and learns their effects.


Put several drops of an essential oil into the palms of the hands and with hands cupped, breathe deeply for greater inhalation.


Cooking: Many of the oils are excellent as food flavoring and as a dietary supplement. Because they are so concentrated, usually 1-2 drops of oil will be sufficient. Oils should be added after cooking to conserve all their benefits. Oils that are certified as safe and edible in the 1996 edition of the Foods Chemical Codex (FCC) (National Academy of Sciences) should be used.

Cleaning: A few drops of oil may be added to the dishwater or washing machine to help promote greater hygiene. Some favorite oils are Melrose, Lemon, Peppermint, Purification, etc.



Essential oils are not water soluble. If they burn a little or you get them in your eyes by accident, always dilute with V-6 Mixing Oil or any pure vegetable oil. Do not add water as water drives the oils in deeper, creating more skin irritation. Call your health care practitioner immediately. Those who wear contacts should take extra precaution as oils with height phenol content, such as cinnamon, oregano, thyme, Thieves, clove, ImmuPower, lemongrass, bergamot, etc., may cause sticking problems with contacts against the eye tissue or damage the surface of the contacts, rendering them useless.

Do Not use Citrus Oils When Exposed To Direct Sunlight

Citrus oils, such as lemon, orange, grapefruit, tangerine, mandarin, bergamot, angelica, etc., are photosensitive and may cause a rash or pigmentation. Apply 1-2 drops of diluted oil to see how your skin responds.

Never Put Directly In Eyes Or Ears

Apply only around the opening and always dilute.

When Pregnant

Consult your qualified health practitioner. Based on an experiment in England, a few drops of clary sage caused a contraction when put on the exposed uterus of a rat, it was decided that clary sage might cause an abortion - even though not one case in humans has been recorded. Nevertheless, we suggest that you be cautious with oils. Apply around ankles, lower back and stomach. Gentle Baby is a soothing Blend to use during and after pregnancy.

For Babies And Children

Always dilute 1-2 drops with 1/2-1 tsp. V-6 Mixing Oil or any pure vegetable oil. Children love the oils and derive the same benefit as adults. Should a child ever swallow an oil, give the child milk, cream, half&half or any other oil soluble liquid to dilute the oil and call your local poison control center or seek immediate emergency medical attention. A few drops of a pure essential oil are not likely to be life-threatening; but for your protection, it is best to follow this procedure.

Spice, Conifer and Citrus Oils Can Be Caustic To The Skin

Spice oils include nutmeg, ginger, pepper, basil, cinnamon, marjoram and thyme. Conifer oils include juniper, spruce, pine and birch. It is always best to dilute these oils. Particular care should be exercised with cinnamon, lemongrass, oregano and thyme, as they are some of the strongest and most caustic.

Essential Oils Should Be Kept Away From Light And Heat

If stored properly, they will maintain their maximum potency for many years. The brown bottles are specifically selected for this reason.



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